Small business & Hospitality
Offer your customers and guests attractive charging opportunities that you can easily manage and bill.
At­trac­tive charg­ing op­por­tu­ni­ty
Increase the attractiveness of your location, whether in retail, as a hotel, restaurant or for any other business. Offer your customers a charging opportunity while shopping or visiting and become visible to e-car drivers in charging station directories.
Ac­cess man­age­ment
Of course, your electric company fleet and employees can also use the charge points. You retain full control and an overview of access and consumption and can even authorize employee ID cards to activate the wallbox.
Bill your cus­tomers
You determine who can charge at your charging points, when and under what conditions. Guests can conveniently charge by using a QR code with common payment methods or by roaming. For employees and your own company vehicles, you have all the data available for billing.
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