About Us
Welcome to chargeIQ, your reliable partner for the administration, billing and maintenance of charging infrastructure. Our online portal offers individual services for companies and private individuals that enable easy and efficient management of their charging stations.
Our Mission.​
We enable our customers to efficiently and easily manage private and semi-public charging infrastructures in various use cases. ​
Our goal.
We enable zero-emission mobility for everyone. ​
Our Vision.​
With us, you can easily operate charging stations yourself. Because our software can be used to set up a modular charging infrastructure without a lock-in effect. There is no need to decide on an overall system, instead the hardware, the software and the operating mode can be freely selected.​ ​
Our basic principles
chargeIQ specializes in sustainable mobility.
We believe in the role of electric mobility in the fight against climate change.
Our values: innovation, openness and transparency, integrity and responsibility.
Open and transparent communication with our customers.
Focus on sustainability and environmental protection in business processes.
Promotion of an open error culture and continuous learning processes to improve employee satisfaction and customer service.
That's what our founders say
Originally, I thought that providing each electric car with its own charging point was a waste of resources. Why not just share a charging point? However, I soon realized that private and public charging points are not being used as effectively as they could be. In addition, there are no mature solutions for this on the market. However, I am convinced that we can and will change that.
In the beginning, I often heard: What do I need software for on my charging station? That's completely unnecessary! Today our customers come and say that they are really grateful that they can manage users and billing themselves and that this is a huge added value for the operation of the charging infrastructure.
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